Workshops on India

Welcome to this site on India.

My name is Peter Johansen. I’m an expert on contemporary India, and the general purpose of is to provide information on India today. I also provide  workshops in English on this topic for companies engaged in activities in India. I speak English fluently.

I was born in Ireland and lived 12 years abroad, graduating from the European School in Bruxelles. I’ve travelled extensively and worked as an English teacher in Thailand. During the last 15 years I’ve worked as an IT consultant and project manager on international projects, roll-outs and outsourcing, where English was the language of choice.

Workshops differ from presentations on the following accounts:

  • They have a minimum duration of one day
  • Content is more customer-specific
  • Format is to a higher degree based on dialogue and group activities

The workshops are structured into separate modules, each focussing on specific topics. Content can be adapted to customer specific requirements. A one day workshop will either consist of one module or a combination of two modules.

India today!
A general introduction to current events

  • Political currents & conflicts right now
  • The prevailing  economical situation
  • Social changes & upheavals happening
  • What’s hot & what’s not, culturally speaking…

India for real
Cultural do’s and don’ts in India (in coorporation with Indian company based in Sweden)

  • Business ethics
  • Norms & behaviour
  • Pitfalls & prejudice

The historical perspective
Going through the battlefield of Indian history

  • Getting a birds-eye perspective on India’s long history.
  • Understanding the historical rools of contemporary conflicts.
  • Understanding the use and misuse of history in present ideological battles.

The political perspective
Institutions, parties & democracy

  • India’s political system and institutions.
  • India’s democracy in theory and practise.
  • Political parties and alliances, vocal politicians, present conflicts and future development.

The economical perspective
Why did India become poor and when will it become rich?

  • Historical development from colonialism to socialism.
  • The liberal revolution in 1991, and its consequences today.
  • Present economical situation, India’s coorporate sector and future perspectives.


The Congress Party
The rise and fall of the Nehru-dynasty, and the India they created 

  • The Indian struggle for independence.
  • Nehrus vision of India and the heritage of the Congress Party.
  • The fall of the Congress Party and future perspectives.

New political movements
Hindunationalists, low caste warriors & regional movements – what’s happening in India right now?  

  • The political revolution of 1990
  • The rise of Hindutva
  • revolution from the bottom of society and the fringes of the nation.

Comtemporary revolutions
Social changes and developments right now

  • Grassroot movements & village democracy.
  • Urbanisation & the dilution of tradition.
  • Empowering the weakest: women & Dalits